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 what is SP and How superstar points work

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PostSubject: what is SP and How superstar points work    Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:53 pm

In this thread you will find a detailed description of how the Superstar points work in PCWF and how it affects you. first things first this has nothing to do with in game stuff, this is purely for the admins to gauge how you are doing and how you are doing in PCWF. the superstar points are here to help us determine who is eligible for what championships and whether or not you want to pursue them. first thing you should know is that every superstar on the roster starts off at 80 SP and secondly each of the women superstars starts off at 70 SP. Next up you may be wondering "how do i increase my SP so i can challenge for championships?" well the answer is simple, you can either go up or down depending on wins and losses. A win will increase your SP by +1 and losing will -1 from your SP. also if you are champion then for every championship retain you go up +2 as well as losing a championship you would go down -2. The championships in PCWF have SP requirements to be eligible for pursuing any of the championships and below i will go over the sSP requirements but before that there is another bit of info to know. you can drop down from a division to a lower one just like in WWE, so say you are in the PCWF championship division and have 90 SP, and let's say you lost a match thus going down 1 SP so that would me you go from 90 to an 89. that would mean you were in the PCWF division but now are dropped down to the Intercontinental division but don't be discouraged though. if you win the next match you would be eligible for the PCWF championship again. once you reach the minimum required SP you can either do a roleplay/promo announcing you want to pursue a title you are eligible for or you can contact an admin to inform them that you would like to join the title picture for whichever title you were eligible for.

furthermore 1 SP can be earned for putting in a decent roleplay once a week. when we say decent roleplay we mean not just a sentence or two but a roleplay that gives a setting and a description of what's happening followed by maybe speech from your superstar whether or not you are currently in a rivalry with someone. even if you lost your match that week  and you put in a decent roleplay you won't go down any SP. it's a way of safeguarding your number of SP but if you win and you put in a roleplay you could go up 2 SP. this gives the members the incentive to want to roleplay to climb the ranks and even help you from falling down them as well.

The championships and their requirements

PCWF championship requirement -  90 SP

Intercontinental and Tag team championships requirement - 85 SP

PCWF Women's championship - 80 SP

Hardcore Champioship - 70 SP
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what is SP and How superstar points work
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